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It is our commitment to provide our patients with the highest level of excellence in orthodontic treatment by utilizing the latest in technology and by the continued education of all of the team members. We endeavor to motivate our patients by setting high standards for ourselves and for them, so they may enjoy the benefits of a beautiful, healthy smile. We aspire to provide a welcoming, fun and caring environment in which to care for our patients and their families. We enjoy our profession and strive to continually be a positive influence in our community.

Our Philosophy:

· Drs. Burkhardt and Pecora and team members of the practice believe that it is our responsibility to provide each and every patient with the finest orthodontic care available to create a healthy, beautiful smile.

· Our office provides state-of-the-art facilities, sophisticated techniques, and technologically advanced equipment, including digital radiography and digital photographic imaging, to allow us to properly diagnose and treat potential orthodontic problems effectively.

· We care about our patients and their families and we also care about our fellow team members.

· We want you to feel special in the way you are treated at our office.

· Our staff is highly skilled and enjoy what they do.

· We love to have fun and laugh – we are high energy!

· We want to bring out the best in you!

· Our goal is to make your orthodontic experience exceptional and rewarding with long-lasting results.

· We do our best to give you more than straight teeth and a fabulous smile. We strive to give you a reason to smile!

Exceeds OSHA standards

As premier Orthodontic Healthcare Professionals, it is our goal to provide each and every one of our patients with the safest and most secure treatment environment possible. To accomplish this goal, we not only make it a point to comply with standard instrument sterilization guidelines set forth by state regulations and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) – we also exceed them! By combining state-of-the-art instrument sterilization procedures with a well-trained team of professionals, your health is in great hands each time you visit our office.