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Smart Scheduling

Arriving For Your Appointment

We value your time and make every effort to stay on or ahead of schedule everyday. Please do your part to help keep us running on time: arrive promptly and check in on the computer. If you have not brushed your teeth prior to arrival, please do so at the brushing station prior to the start of your appointment.

Smart Scheduling

We have engineered our schedule to try to better serve you. Longer appointments, particularly the placement of braces or delivery of orthodontic appliances, are usually scheduled during the noon and morning hours. Because many of our patients are in school, after-school appointments are the most desirable. To be fair to all of our patients, we try to provide many of the routine adjust appointments and retainer checks during after-school hours; however, there will be occasions when some school time will have to be missed in order to keep your orthodontic treatment on schedule.

Missed appointments

The orthodontic appliances that we use to move your teeth and adjust your bite need to be monitored regularly. When you miss your appointment, you delay your progress and lengthen your treatment period. Please be aware that when you miss an after-school appointment, it will likely have to be rescheduled during school hours.

Office Hours

Our normal office hours are Monday thru Thursday 8:00am-5:00pm and Friday 8:00am-12:00pm.

Appointment Reminders

Before each appointment, you can expect a message from our automated system. We are pleased to offer “Sesame”, which is a patient communication system that utilizes our own staff’s voices as a messaging system over the phone, email or text reminders. We can utilize this system to confirm your appointment, perform recall reminders and send special announcements. If you wish, we can program this system to message you on the last working day before your appointment, usually in the evening, to confirm your upcoming visit. Our patients love this feature. It’s convenient and advanced, with the ability to recognize answering machines and take messages from you to us.

Dr. Burkhardt is a phenomenal orthodontist! He is always friendly and even remembers his patients. You can tell that he genuinely cares about his patients well-being and works hard to ensure his patients get the best results possible. One of my favorite things about this office is that the staff always seem to be having the best day ever. Any time I call their office or go in for a check up, everyone is always smiling and extremely friendly. I feel very welcomed at his office and always enjoy my check-ups. It is always a positive experience. They even have a game station for kids and monthly give away contests for patients who practice good oral hygiene. And get this…..when you finally get your braces off, they have a huge gong that you hit to celebrate and everyone in the office claps! 🙂
Have sent close friends there as well as parental school friends-all of us are very happy. Dr’s and staff are really great and make experience very positive for all. Smart, caring people there.