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Ortho Care Instructions

Click below to download our Patient Instruction Packets:

Angular Cheilosis PDF

Bonded Expander Removal PDF

Clear Retainers PDF

Early Midfacial Ortho Expansion PDF

Elastics PDF

Facial Mask PDF

Forsus Springs PDF

Hawley or Circum Retainers PDF

Herbst Appliance PDF

Invisalign Instructions PDF

Lower Lingual Arch PDF

Maintenance Plate PDF

Margolis Appliance PDF

Morgan bumper PDF

Oral Hygiene Alert Handout PDF

Rapid Palatal Expander PDF

Removable Appliances PDF

Schwarz Appliance PDF

TMJ and Myofascial Pain PDF

TMJ Exercises PDF

Tooth Positioner Appliance PDF

What To Chew Chart PDF

Wilson Distalizing Arch PDF

Turning a Rapid Palatal Expander

Removing a Rapid Palatal Expander